Vernacular Of The Day 3/21/19: That’s Tough

That’s tough or dats tough is used as a way to express a feeling of injustice, or sometimes delight about a power figure’s ruling. Often used in classrooms, kids like it because teachers don’t understand it, but kids get the point.

Teacher: “Hey give me your phone, there’s no phones in school”

Student: “Crap”

Classmate: “That’s tough!

Vernacular Of The Day 3/19/18: Doggo

A Doggo is another word for dog. This Vernacular is not used as a substitute for Dog, but a replacement. If one Dog is a Doggo, they are all Doggos. (or variations) This is an extension of Doge, the internet meme. There are also many variations like pupper, and doggerino.

“Wow, that’s a cute doggo!