Vernacular Of The Day 5/26/19: Big Chungus

We’re back baby!

After a very long break, we’re back providing you guys with “lit” vernacular and cool media that we hope entertaines you a little bit.

So… without further adue…

Big Chungus is the rabbit from Merrie Melodies cartoon “Wabbit Twouble“. After bugs bunny makes this position when mocking Elmer Fudd, who is more fat in this cartoon than others. This quickly spread into a meme when Redditor GaryTheTaco posted this image:

Chungus was origonally coined by English freelance video game journalist Jim Sterling, who would often use it in various meanings without a set definition*

GameStop store manager Justin Lauferthen posted this image on facebook, and it quickly went viral.

Nowadays, this memes is used as satire to represent anything from

CHUNGUS BATTLE ROYALE Fortnite games ecosystem pc game


cartoon technology comics
Grand Theft Auto Five

*Know Your Meme: “Big Chungus

I would like to dedicate this post to Know Your Meme, who has provided us with countless hours of research. It’s like heaven for us “meme historians”

Announcement 4/22/19

Hey everyone, Eliot here!

For the past few posts, I’ve noticed that while the quantity of content we are producing goes up, the quality goes down. This blog has a two author team (although we are looking for more, if you are interested in being part of the team please contact us here) so it is difficult for us to provide you with as much content as other blogs. So, starting today, we are going to lower the amount of posts we make in order to provide you with more fun, weird and wacky vernacular.

Remember, you can always contact us through the website if you have any questions, and please make sure to spread the word about us. By telling your friends, we are able to reach more people and able to hire more amazing and talented writers.

Thanks again, and look forward to even more amazing vernacular in the future.

Vernacular Of The Day 4/11/18: Mocking Spongebob

Image result for mocking spongebob
Mocking Spongebob

Normal text is written by Eliot, bold text is written by Owo

Have you ever wanted to be really sarcastic and annoying on the internet, but don’t want to put any effort? Welcome to the internet! No, but this is a surefire way to be really annoying.

This image comes from the episode called “Little Yellow Book”. Whenever Spongebob sees plaid, he acts like a chicken. This immediately became an internet meme after user @lexysaeyang posted this tweet:

I don't even know her like that mocking spongebob meme next to bird with arms as how the BF sounds when he says that, which spawned the spread of this meme

@eliotsupceo: Eliot and Owo approve this message!

@owogang: ElIOt aND owO AppRoVE tHis MEsSaGe!

Vernacular Of The Day 4/10/19: Literally

Image result for literally

Literally is for emphasis, and emphasis only. When someone says literally, they do not take kindly to someone correcting them. For example, I literally died laughing. Yes, I died laughing. It was insane. It was surreal. It was a lot of laughing. I can promise you that. 

Friend 1: “I literally died laughing”
Friend 2: “XD lol”
Grammar Nerd: “YoU MEan FIgurAtIVelY”

Learn more about the mocking Spongebob chicken here

Vernacular Of The Day 4/8/19: Salty

Salty Dude

Let’s say that it’s april fools day (yes we are late). Your buddy plays a prank on you early in the morning that wakes you up. after you finish screaming, you’re annoyed that he woke you up. Now you’re salty.

When someone is salty, they are annoyed at someone or something because of something small, and it puts them in a bad mood.

Friend 1: “Pulls prank on friend”
Friend 2: “What the hell!”
Friend 2 is in bad mood for the rest of the day
Friend 1: “Don’t be so
salty yo!”

Spring Break Vernacular: Acronyms

Hey everyone! Eliot and Owo Here!

Note: anything Owo says will be in bold, while I will just be typing in normal font.

So over the break, we were traveling (I was in mexico) so we didn’t get much done. BUT we thought it would be scandalous to not provide you with original content. So we decided to just make a list of some acronyms and define them for you. Enjoy!

  • 3/30/19: LOL: Laughing Out Loud. It can be used even when the sender is not laughing, as a sort of a formality. Other forms include LoL, which is somewhat mocking, and lol, which represents less laughter.
  • 3/31/19: w00t: Another way of saying woo, or celebrating. Used whenever you need to let out that party animal inside you.
  • 4/1/19: ILY: I love you. Very versatile, mostly used to flatter someone or thank a friend profusely. Keep an eye out for ilysm, (I love you so much) and ily2 (I love you too).
  • 4/2/19: CU: See You. Cal also be used in CUL8R. (See You Later) When you want to leave but be nice about it
  • 4/3/19: IDK: I don’t know. This is straightforward enough, just a quick way of admitting ignorance. Similar include IDRK (I don’t really know) and IDFK (you can Infer).
  • 4/4/19: u2: You Too, used when someone says something about you like ILY
  • 4/5/19: JSYK: Just so you know. Almost the same as FYI (for your information) but less serious.
  • 4/6/19: BTW: By the way, used whenever something is not worth mentioning as a whole conversation. Sometimes used as a sarcasticl message, (all caps) but is usually mellow (lowercase)
  • 4/7/19: GR8: Great. Since this isn’t much faster than just saying ‘great,’ it’s a bit ironic or silly. Similar acronyms include m8 (mate), gr8 (great but even more sarcastic), and pretty much any word that ends with ‘ate.’

Look forwand to another great post today, and more in the future!

See ya!

Vernacular Of The Day 3/29/19: Owo

When people realized that letters could be faces, the world changed forever. We already covered the legendary XD, but how about some lesser known ones? Enter OwO. A face that transcends mood and species. Does it have any relation to :3? No. Does it equivocate to :)? Definitely no. OwO was originally an anime smile, designed to be cute and perhaps mischievous. However, the most popular use for it is for a snarky addition to any text. UwU is a viable alternative, and is even more sarcastic. Other forms include Owo, uwo, and òwó, which is an angry OwO.

Vernacular Of The Day 3/28/18: Yeet

The Yeet Dance!

Yeet is a wonderful word. It is used when:

  1. You launch a object at high velocity
  2. You need a fun thing to say
  3. Something (usually an animal or person) leaves or moves really quickly

Yeet comes from this meme:

It quickly became an internet meme and something that you just say for fun.

(For some reason the actual meaning has nothing to do with the dance, but I can’t really explain how the internet works)

Person: Launches object at high velocity

Friend 1: “What a fun game today!”
Friend 2: “Ya

Person 1: Scares doggo by throwing pillow at it
Person 2: “
XD that doggo was just like YEET!

Yeet can also be used as ya-yeet or yeetus