Vernacular Of The Day 4/10/19: Literally

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Literally is for emphasis, and emphasis only. When someone says literally, they do not take kindly to someone correcting them. For example, I literally died laughing. Yes, I died laughing. It was insane. It was surreal. It was a lot of laughing. I can promise you that. 

Friend 1: “I literally died laughing”
Friend 2: “XD lol”
Grammar Nerd: “YoU MEan FIgurAtIVelY”

Learn more about the mocking Spongebob chicken here

Vernacular Of The Day 3/29/19: Owo

When people realized that letters could be faces, the world changed forever. We already covered the legendary XD, but how about some lesser known ones? Enter OwO. A face that transcends mood and species. Does it have any relation to :3? No. Does it equivocate to :)? Definitely no. OwO was originally an anime smile, designed to be cute and perhaps mischievous. However, the most popular use for it is for a snarky addition to any text. UwU is a viable alternative, and is even more sarcastic. Other forms include Owo, uwo, and òwó, which is an angry OwO.

Vernacular Of The Day 3/20/19: XD

XD is simple, yet elegant. If you don’t see it instantly, stare at it for a while. Then look away. Then look back. See it? An uncontrollably laughing face. Think about it more, and you realize the X looks like that because of the resemblance to two eyes closed in hysterical glee. To be honest, it’s the face that will take over LOL.

Do you know how (or why) anyone would use this versatile expression? Well, in many online games, there are no emojis to chat with. This limits poeople to : D, : ). *-*, the list goes on. XD is the perfect way to get across the feeling of joy emoji, or the laughing emoji. Other form include xD, which is almost the same, xd, which is for sarcastic/ironic laughing, and Xd, which is for people who couldn’t care less. 

Person 1: “LOL I destroyed you in that game yesterday”

Person 2: “Yeah XD