Vernacular Of The Day 3/25/19: Bork

Bork! Bork! Bork! Bork! Doggos around the world all call out this word in their native language! Will they ever stop? We’ll never know!

Bork is another word for bark, of course the way dogs or Doggos communicate. (Confused about Doggos? Check out the post about them here) The internet sensation Gabe the Dog made borking popular as a way of song, creating many covers of popular hits.

Gabe the Dog in Doggolovania

This also created many (bad) internet memes and puns including:

Maybe next time you see a Doggo, you will be willing to communicate to it in it’s traditional language.

Hooman: “Want to go to the park?”

Doggo: “Bork! Bork! Bork!

Vernacular Of The Day 3/24/18: Neck and the Finger Circle

Imagine that you’re hanging out with a friend. Suddenly, they say “What’s that?” and point to the ground. You (foolishly) look at the ground, and see a finger the dreaded finger circle. You know your fate.

The finger circle started as a meme in 2018, and became a symbol that could bring shame to even the most proud. If you ever look at a finger circle, you are subject to “necking” yourself, or being “necked”. (when you “neck” yourself, it is called self serve) This is not as unpleasant as it sounds. You or someone else simply swipes their finger across the back of your neck. Although this does not hurt, it is shameful to have it happen.

Friend One: “What’s that?” (points at ground)

Friend Two: Looks down to see a finger circle

Friend One: “Got that neck!

Vernacular Of The Day 3/22/19: Yee

Let’s say you agree with someone. You have a few options to express your feelings. Yes, okay, and cool are all mediocre. Luckily, there is a more tasteful version of agreeing: Yee. Derived from this TV show clip;

Yee quickly transformed into this meme:

Yee is just another way of saying yes, cool, or that’s lit!

Person 1: “Do you want some Takis?”

Person 2:“Yee”

Vernacular Of The Day 3/20/19: XD

XD is simple, yet elegant. If you don’t see it instantly, stare at it for a while. Then look away. Then look back. See it? An uncontrollably laughing face. Think about it more, and you realize the X looks like that because of the resemblance to two eyes closed in hysterical glee. To be honest, it’s the face that will take over LOL.

Do you know how (or why) anyone would use this versatile expression? Well, in many online games, there are no emojis to chat with. This limits poeople to : D, : ). *-*, the list goes on. XD is the perfect way to get across the feeling of joy emoji, or the laughing emoji. Other form include xD, which is almost the same, xd, which is for sarcastic/ironic laughing, and Xd, which is for people who couldn’t care less. 

Person 1: “LOL I destroyed you in that game yesterday”

Person 2: “Yeah XD