Vernacular Of The Day 3/28/18: Yeet

The Yeet Dance!

Yeet is a wonderful word. It is used when:

  1. You launch a object at high velocity
  2. You need a fun thing to say
  3. Something (usually an animal or person) leaves or moves really quickly

Yeet comes from this meme:

It quickly became an internet meme and something that you just say for fun.

(For some reason the actual meaning has nothing to do with the dance, but I can’t really explain how the internet works)

Person: Launches object at high velocity

Friend 1: “What a fun game today!”
Friend 2: “Ya

Person 1: Scares doggo by throwing pillow at it
Person 2: “
XD that doggo was just like YEET!

Yeet can also be used as ya-yeet or yeetus

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