Spring Break Vernacular: Acronyms

Hey everyone! Eliot and Owo Here!

Note: anything Owo says will be in bold, while I will just be typing in normal font.

So over the break, we were traveling (I was in mexico) so we didn’t get much done. BUT we thought it would be scandalous to not provide you with original content. So we decided to just make a list of some acronyms and define them for you. Enjoy!

  • 3/30/19: LOL: Laughing Out Loud. It can be used even when the sender is not laughing, as a sort of a formality. Other forms include LoL, which is somewhat mocking, and lol, which represents less laughter.
  • 3/31/19: w00t: Another way of saying woo, or celebrating. Used whenever you need to let out that party animal inside you.
  • 4/1/19: ILY: I love you. Very versatile, mostly used to flatter someone or thank a friend profusely. Keep an eye out for ilysm, (I love you so much) and ily2 (I love you too).
  • 4/2/19: CU: See You. Cal also be used in CUL8R. (See You Later) When you want to leave but be nice about it
  • 4/3/19: IDK: I don’t know. This is straightforward enough, just a quick way of admitting ignorance. Similar include IDRK (I don’t really know) and IDFK (you can Infer).
  • 4/4/19: u2: You Too, used when someone says something about you like ILY
  • 4/5/19: JSYK: Just so you know. Almost the same as FYI (for your information) but less serious.
  • 4/6/19: BTW: By the way, used whenever something is not worth mentioning as a whole conversation. Sometimes used as a sarcasticl message, (all caps) but is usually mellow (lowercase)
  • 4/7/19: GR8: Great. Since this isn’t much faster than just saying ‘great,’ it’s a bit ironic or silly. Similar acronyms include m8 (mate), gr8 (great but even more sarcastic), and pretty much any word that ends with ‘ate.’

Look forwand to another great post today, and more in the future!

See ya!

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